Cjs 220

Cjs210 - Our criminal justice system is made of different components; there are the law enforcement agencies that do the work out in the streets in order to bring criminals in for the crimes they have committed.   The criminals are entitled to have a trial based on their constitutional rights.   From there they go through the judicial system where they can take their case to a jury trial or take a plea bargain for the charges that have been brought against them.   The court proceeding are heard by a judge which is in charge of the courtroom. Cjs 210

Cjs220 - Judges have to make sure that a trail is fair and also make sure the right amount of years are given to an individual found guilty of a crime.   When a criminal case goes to trial the judge will make sure the trial is moving on time without any distractions from outside sources.   They will deem whether a questioned asked is a valid question.   The judges are also in charge of the jury selection process they will ask the jurors questions related to a case to make sure they are not bias to the individual being tried for the case.   Judges must also sign any search or arrest warrants brought by officers, they can denial bail to an individual if they feel they are a threat to the community.   Before a case even goes to trial there is a preliminary hearing where both the prosecutor and defense show their case and the judge will decide if there is enough proof that a crime was committed and the case will be set for a jury trial.

Cjs 220 - Judges however are human and like most humans they can make mistakes, this is a decision that judges have to deal with if the make the wrong decision, this can be a result of insufficient evidence being brought to a case yet a jury still convicts the defendant of the crime.

Cjs 220


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